Space World

Session 1: Asteroid Base

1st Session

The ship lands at an asteroid station. Midnight Storm is the first one off. He sets up playing near the market. He starts off with some sorrowful tunes. Gale and Brace chat at the one of the exits to the ship. Brace makes physical contact with his violation glove. He reads a memory of how she lost a patient. Vivek leaves the ship next, heading to the market to sell his drugs, Brace tags along.

Midnight starts some more upbeat songs, attracting a crowd. H, the man in charge, appreciates the music and begins offering him a reward for his music. A girl in the audience, Amy falls in love with him while her father Visage desires his services. He convinces Midnight to go with him and his daughter to do a private showing.

Meanwhile in the market Brace and Vivek look for a buyer. Vivek finds out he needs to meet a man named Chin to unload his goods. Chin lives on the edge of town near the old mine.

As he learns this Brace attracts the attention of a gang of “spook” haters. They come over and harass them. While Vivek dodges the female thugs fist, Brace touches and freaks out the other guy telling him things only he knows. Brace convinces the guy (Rocks) not to fight. Rocks tells the woman to back off and she storms off. Brace takes Rocks to an alley and they get high together.

Gale meanwhile looks to buy a Kalmine Filter for the water recycler. She finds one at Bobbing Bob’s in exchange for some morphine. Bob seems a bit sick, his skin gray and with a serious cough. She also notices a child watching her.

Vivek arrives at Chin’s place. He convinces the huge but muscular guy behidn the door to let him in. The interior is laid out like an opium den. Chin is lounging near the back. Vivek offers him a sample but he insists they both partake. As Vivek trips, he opens his mind to the psychic maelstrom. When he comes to there are three women around him. Chin seems pleased and offers him pure water, quality linens, or one of the women for his stash. He takes the woman and leaves with Donna in tow.

Meanwhile Midnight arrives at Visage’s place next to the old hotel. It is a crumbling shack like many of the buildings. Inside colorful fabric hangs from the ceiling with a gentle red light shining through. There is a crowd already waiting. As he plays they quickly get caught up in the music. Midnight realizes he is trapped. The crowd gets more and more excited and begin to clawing at him, tearing up his pants. He tricks them by first slowing the tempo and then building into a chorus. When they reach the next chorus, he’s already run out the back.

Back at the market Brace opens his mind to the psychic maelstrom. He sees the dust coating the asteroid swirling about him. He gets a flash of Vivek and his meeting with the sickly drug dealers and Midnight fleeing the cult high on the fumes of burning local herbs. He warns Gale that it is dangerous here and then heads for the ship.

Gale decides to talk to the child, Rum. He points out where Midnight went before being warned not to bother Gale by Bob. Gale goes to find Midnight and runs into him on the road. She sees he is wounded and leads him back to the ship to be patched up.

As she leads Midnight back on the ship, she finds an argument underway at the entry way. Brace is arguing with Captain Farley. Brace wants to leave and Farley insists they need more time. Midnight just wants to get patched up. As Gale stands there Brace tries to touch her again. Gale warns him off with violence. He backs off and leaves.

Elsewhere in the ship Vivek and Donna spend some time together in his bunk. He reads her history from her junkie thin body.

Once at the Med Bay, Gale patches up Midnight with some psychic healing. There is a weird bell tolling that they hear and their thoughts drift together. Gale thinks of her time in an escape pod with her brother, Bluejay. Midnight’s mind shoots to Lilly Pad base burning. Tally comes in on them. She asks Midnight to watch Skip. Once he out of the room Tally and Gale chat about Gale’s crush on Midnight. Gale also notices Tally seems sick like the asteroid folk.

Midnight shows Skip how to play the guitar in the the corridor. Donna comes by and seduces him. They go off to his bunk. He hypnotizes her with his pillow talk.

Brace goes to the Medbay to talk to Gale, hoping to convince her something is wrong. She agrees to look into the dust but she needs a sample. Brace goes to get some from the ship’s air filtration system.

Brace talks to Shiv. Shiv agrees to do it but after he is done with his current work. This is fast enough for Brace. They scuffle and Brace is knocked down by a spanner to the face. However he grab’s Shiv’s ankle and inserts his desire into Shiv’s mind. Before Shiv can react, he inflicts mental damage on the man. Shiv is upset but obeys the command.

Brace comes back with the dust sample. He and Gale look over the results. There is a toxic amount of Krypton Dioxide, possibly from the Gallium mines. They go to talk to the captain.

They find Farley is talking with H. Apparently he wants to hire Midnight Storm for a job. He offers the rocker 4-barter for a concert tomorrow night. The others fill in the captain on the problems. Farley responds that the water filter needs two more hours to be installed. Brace wants to leave now.

Then suddenly Tatters is pushed into the hold by Visage, his gang filters in behind him. They are poorly armed but numerous. Visage however has a shotgun demands Midnight Storm comes with them. Midnight comes down and convinces him to back off, it does the concert tomorrow. He agrees with the stipulation that he comes with them until then. They walk off.


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