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Session 10: The Fate of the Dent

After leaving Everette, Switch decides to have lunch with the freaks. They have been acting weirder than normal since leaving Megaton. She cats with them trying to find out what they are doing in the Den. They invite her to their gathering that evening to see “it”.

Switch then goes to check on Katya and her people. They are hard at work, building tree houses in the rafters of the Carnival. Max is also there helping out. As they talk, Switch realizes Max dislikes her and that she really wants her armor back. Katya expresses interest in exploring the ship as does Grigori Pertrovich Pertrov. Switch agrees to take them on a tour.

At the engine room, Katya places her hands on the old steel surface. She feels the psychic residue of its construction and recent feelings of fear and hiding. But she also learns the focal crystal is cracked. She informs Switch who freaking out calls for Pipeline. The tall blond amazon soon arrives. Switch asks why she didn’t know but Pipeline can only tell her that they lack a spare. Pipeline sets the engines to half power to reduce the risk.

Max meanwhile is hoping that the tribe members might give her a club. However as she looks for Irina, she runs into a gang of carnies. Belter, Daily, Wayward, and Shatterglass surround her. They warn her not to cause any trouble. She says she won’t but also promises to not help them when things go south. Afterwards she talks to Irina and asks for help. She agrees to think about it. However Kittens overhears them. Max frightens the kid into silence.

As the tour continues, Switch and the others arrive in the galley. They chat with Manfred and Switch points out that Pipeline has a crush on him. She then leaves them together. Akwardly the other soon leave as well. Chainsaw shows up as they go. He invites Manfred to a gathering in the Den that evening. He also tells him that the Herald has told them about when he put his mask on. This the wrong thing to say and Manfred warns him to leave. Chainsaw backs off with his hands up. He still invites him to come.

Switch finds a quiet spot to consult her Mother. She asks her for advice. The ghost puts her hands on her shoulders and points out the threats to her family: Mikhail, Max, and Manfred. She also urges her to go to the gathering. Katya shakes her out of her trance as the proximity alarm goes off.

Switch heads to the command center. A derelict ship is floating nearby. Katya soon joins her and Switch calls for Manfred. Katya looks into the Maelstrom and sees a teenager putting a mask on.

A team is assembled to check for survivors and see what can be scavenged. In addition to Manfred, Grigori and Katya volunteer. Max is offered a chance to prove her worth by Switch and agrees to help out. Pipeline, Belter, Red Shirt, and Daff also go.

Passing through the airlock they find the ship full of the rotting remains of cattle and people. It is clear this ship was massacred by Reavers. Manfred, Katya, Grigori and Pipeline head to the living quarters. Manfred seems oddly familiar with the ship. Belter and Red Shirt head down the tramway while Max and Daff navigate to living quarters in the other direction.

Katya accidentally steps into a corpse and feels a bit sick. Following Manfred, they arrive at his old bunk. Manfred quickly grabs the spare apron and his old photographs. As he turns to the door a trap triggers. The ax slams into his chest but only knocks the wind out of him. Katya however has a chance to spot a different photo on the wall. A picture of a young Manfred with an old white haired man.

They continue on to the bridge. Manfred barrels through another trap and a pile of boxes crash down on Katya. She dodges and deflects the worst of it. The others help pull the crates off her. They explore the bridge finding the captain, Quin, and the rest of the bridge crew dead bound in barbed wire.

Max meanwhile finds the medbay. She and Daff enter but trigger a pressure plate. She slams Daff back but a barbed spike shoots through her foot. She pulls it out but damaged her foot further in the process. Together Daff and her pillage the area for supplies before continuing on.

In the next area however, they find a gruesome scene where a man was scared to death from the scenes of torture he was forced to see. Daff freaks out and flees. Max unable to catch him with a broken foot limps to the bridge. She makes her way through a zero-g area exposed to vacuum and on to the bridge.

On the bridge, Manfred looks over the log and starts the ship diagnostics. Katya reads the ship’s log and hears the final distress call as well as the Reavers breaking in. As they wait for the ship’s systems they get a call from the intercom. It is Belter. He found the engine room but needs power to open the doors. Suddenly the ship systems are restored. Power is restored and the doors open. Manfred verifies there are no life signs other than their own. But a pulse of coded transmission goes out before they can stop it. Max arrives and hears the details. She suspects Reavers are coming.

They hurry to the engine room to remove the focusing crystal. No one has seen Daff since he fled so Max goes looking for him. Manfred radios to Switch and warns her to get ready the ship for an escape.

Max gets back to the Carnival but find no sign of Daff. Even looking into the Maelstrom gives no clue. She warns Switch Reavers are coming and tells Hiccup to lock herself in her room. On the way back Katya finds Daff trapped in razor sharp wire. She cuts him down and drags him back to the ship where Max patches him up. His arm however may forever be useless.

Switch readies for the escape but without the new crystal she won’t be able to move quickly. A proximity alarm shows a ship inbound. Manfred realizes the danger and returns to bridge of the Dent. Switch tries to cotact him to get him back on board but Manfred is intent on sacrificing himself. As the Carnival flees, the Dent smashes into the lead Reaver ship, giving them enough time to escape.

A couple days later the carnies hold a funeral. the pile up items of Manfred or associated with him in the main chamber. Each member takes an item and they get on the Ferris wheel and ride it around. Switch takes the mask she gave Manfred. The Baikal Tribe sings a creepy dirge while Hiccup and Max say a prayer as they ride the Ferris Wheel.

Max manages to get a club from Irina. Before she can hide it Narnia spots them. Irina drops the club and Narnia picks it up. She then asks Max to talks to her in her tent. Max comes along. They talk about why she feels she needs a weapon. She also asks Max to think about what she will do once she reconciles with Hiccup and makes sure she is safe. Max agrees to consider it. Narnia gives her the club.

Switch is again invited to a gathering by Chainsaw, she agrees to come. Katya meanwhile talks to her father and learns Grigori and a couple other tribe members are also attending. Her father is concerned and she goes looking for him. Before the gathering, Switch asks her Mother’s ghost for advice. It tells her to go to the gathering. She also pulls out Manfred’s mask and asks it for advice. It tells her to investigate the gathering and protect her family. She puts the mask away and goes.

At the Den the Freaks are all there as well as Grigori and two other natives. Chainsaw shows Switch to a chair and she sits down. As the Freaks get ready, she can see someone behind a curtain along with something softly bleating. Katya shows up and tries to bully Chainsaw into letting her talk to Grigori. Chainsaw insists on them talking outside. She manages to get him outside where they begin to argue. Grigori seems convinced there is something special here while Katya advocates the old ways.

In the Den, Algor emerges from the curtain and reveals the Beast with Two Heads, a deformed hairless goat with two heads. As Switch stares into its four blue eyes, she is drawn into them. She sees Max in the burning rubble of Shepherd, threatening someone for information on Hiccup. Then the argument outside gets louder and Katya storms in. She threatens the other members of the tribe with physical punishment if they don’t leave now. As she leaves she opens her mind to the deformed creature. It is empty, filled with an endless void. Switch meanwhile talks to Algor, she wants this to be a new show. The freaks agree and work begins on a sign.

A few days later, Switch talks to Wayward. She learns he is interested in Chic. She agrees to help him get a date in exchange for setting up Max so she is revealed as a danger in front of Hiccup.


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