Space World

Session 11: Family Rifts

Two days out from Megaton, tensions are rising on the Carnival. Switch and the growing cult of the Beast with Two Heads learn that Nestor has been stealing ticket money. Katya ahs slowly recovered from a bout of nausea but her father has slipped into a coma. Worse, Grigori and some of the young warriors have broken away from the tribe. worried about her father, Katya looks into the psychic maelstrom. She sees her father trapped in a metal jungle.

Pipeline meanwhile has been hanging out with her fellow engineers Poindexter and Guage, filling their empty hours playing poker. One evening, Gauge places a large wager with the stipulation that the loser has to go and look at the Beast with Two Heads. Poindexter folds but Pipeline sees his bet. Guage reveals a pair of Jacks but is crushed by Pipeline’s pair Aces and 3’s. Pipline takes the money but doesn’t send Guage to the goat.

Switch spends some time teaching Katya to fly a fact that bothers Pipeline. Daily visits for a bit. Their discussion 0-g brings up unpleasant memories. As the stars swirl about from the loops the ship makes, he gets sick and leaves. As the lesson continues, they hear a beeping noise from the radar as it detects metal and organic fragments approaching. A body hits the window causing Switch to squeal. A ship has been destroyed here. Katya looks into the maelstrom again. Several ships came from Megaton chasing another. Using their weapons they destroy it. This was 3 days ago.

Max meanwhile has been helping Hiccup in the kitchen. As she serves the crew, Wayward insults her. It doesn’t seem to affect her. Later however as she practices her martial arts, Wayward harasses her again. He tries to goad her into fighting her. When he fails to get her to throw the first punch, he hurls a rock at her. Even as it smashes her in the face, she is on him, grabbing his hand, crushing his wrist, and dislocating his arm. As he falls to the ground, Belter, Hiccup and others arrive. As Hiccup shouts for her to stop, Belter begins to shove Max back. Max warns him to stop but he continues. Moments later she brutally breaks his arm. He topples off the stage she was exercising on and passes out. As Hiccup sobs, Chainsaw tells her to leave. She goes to her room.

Pipeline arrives right afterwards, spotting Max’s bloodied face. She questions the wounded Wayward about what happened catching him in his lies. However Switch soon appears and directs everyone to go and take care of wounded. Wayward runs off but not before picking up the bloody rock. Pipeline, realizing something of what is up, argues with Switch about this and the Beast with Two Heads.

Katya overhears all of this from her home over the Carnival grounds. As she gets up from listening, Grigori joins her. They banter and she tries to get him to back off. Grigori throws her to the floor and leaves.

Narnia stops by Max’s room. She explains she can’t help the gunlugger. Max thanks her anyway. Switch arrives soon after. Chainsaw and Algor are with her. As they wait outside, Switch asks her if she is a monster. Max looks through the malestrom at Switch. As the fire rage about her, Max sees Switch as the devil she is. Max has no answer for her but asks if she realizes she is a danger as well. Switch reveals this is all a show. Switch then threatens Max with knife.

Chainsaw knocks on the door. He says there is trouble but Switch angrily tells him to deal with it. there are a series of thumps and another knock. A woman named Tanya says she wants to talk to Max. Switch looks outside. Five tribal warriors have knocked out Chainsaw and Algor. She leaves the room, locking Max in. She then threatens them. They decide back off and leave their weapons. Switch heads to the command center to gather the crew.

Katya learns that Grigori and saeveral warriors have moved from the tribes living area, relocating to the Den. Her little brother is with them. Frustrated and depressed, Katya and Irina Kironova Saltanova go to get drunk. They find Pipeline also drinking heavily. The women talk about the Beast, Manfred, and Megaton. Pipeline likens the Beast to a drug, something she hates. She is surprised to hear how much Katya knows about Megaton and space.

Their talk is broken up by an argument going on. Nestor is shouting at Night over his taking Kittens to the Beast. Switch arrives and tells Nestor to join the others at the bridge. Pipeline however sides with Nestor, a fact that irritates Switch more. Switch and Pipeline argue again but Katya breaks it up when Night mentions that he knows why her father is in a coma. She threatens him with a spear until he tells her that he is there in the city protecting the tribe.

Wayward suddenly arrives and tells Switch Nestor was stabbed. Switch hits the communicators and calls everyone to the Carnival center.

Elsewhere, Max hears the announcement and tries to open door. She failed but Chainsaw opens it from the outside. He tells her to come with him. Before they go however he breaks her nose. He drags her along stunned.

The crew and tribefolk gather in the center of the ship, except for Nestor and Redshirt. Switch directs Algor to brings out the Beast with Two Heads. Then while everyone watches she takes Algor’s gun and shoots it in both heads. As everyone’s voice rise up, she shouts over them forcing them to talk out their differences. Chainsaw is violently upset but Algor convinces the freaks to back off. Their task is to spread the word of the Beast.

As Max heads off to patches up Nestor, Katya looks at the Beast. She sees the power still present in the remains. She warns Switch who stops the freaks from taking it. Instead she throws it out the airlock. Max meanwhile finds Redshirt using his shirt to staunch the bleeding. She pulls Nestor back from death with Hiccup’s help. She goes to find Switch and tells her Nestor’s condition. She also tells her that they are both devils. Switch gives her back her weapons but still doesn’t understand her.

As they approach Megaton, Katya talks to her brother. She tries to find out why he wants to join Grigori and tries to convince him to stay. He agrees to stay if she talks to Grigori. She finds Grigori with his warriors, including her “rival” Sophia Evenyova Burundukova. Grigori agrees to stay if she marries him. Katya agrees but only if he proves his new “power” by doing a spirit journey with her.

The Carnival is escorted to Megaton by a ship. Once docked, they are inspected by Bluejay‘s men for people and weapons. Switch’s connections seem not to count here. Switch, Daily and Pipeline go to see Bluejay. They are led into his office but he is not there. Instead Bug is running things in his stead. Bug looks over the green case’s contents while quizzing Switch about the First and a “Child”. He points out the missing music player from the case. Switch denies it was ever there and threatens Bug to let her and the Carnival go. He backs off and they leave. For now.

Elsewhere Max goes looking for work while Katya searches for wedding supplies. Katya takes in Megaton through the lens of the maelstrom. It is a jungle of predators hunting each other.


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