Space World

Session 12:Falling Angels

As Max is looking for medical supplies, she literally runs into Mech. After a long moment as they both stare at each other, she pulls a knife and pins his hand to a wall with it. With other arm she pulls a second knife and brutally guts him. The goons with him take a moment to react but knock her to the ground with a well placed blow. As they stand over her, she flips over and kicks up. They try to form a defensive knot but she charges directly into them. They fire at her but she only takes a light spray of bullets as she stabs and slices them to death. More men come and open fire at her from long range. She grabs a gun off the ground and strafes them. Only one manages to escape into the crowd. Max slips away to the Carnival.

Katya and her friend Irina meanwhile are looking for a good private space for Katya’s wedding and spirit walk. They ignore the distant gunfire and head to the unused bays. The pass into the section using Roman numerals. They enter Bay XX and begin to start a fire. However just then a few men and Hurt come from somewhere deeper in the bay. He tells her to leave and to put out the fire. He seems to be protecting something but they decide not to push it. They continue on to bay XXXII. Making sure it is safe and unused, they return to the Carnival.

Elsewhere Switch, Daily, and Pipeline are returning from meeting with Bug. Suddenly a strange man, Commander Kriss, appears beside them and convinces them they are in danger. Bug plans to ambush them. He takes them into a secret passage, giving Pipeline a sword to prove his honesty. They are led to the home of the Resistance. Led by an old man named Tack, they are trying to take back the station. Kriss explains he hopes they can help. Switch however realizes the ship is in danger and hurries to the Carnival. Kriss joins them.

Hiccup meanwhile looks out at Megaton. She decides to go shopping but runs into Max first. she is clearly running from something. She forces her older sister to talk. Oddly, Max feels guilty about killing Mech and not just she might disappoint Hiccup. Chic tries to interrupt but Hiccup asks her to butt out. She then leads Max inside to work on a disguise.

Switch and her allies also arrive at the Carnival but find the members of the Freakshow leaving. Switch tries to convince them to stay and talk but Algor says they are setting up their ministry. She can talk to them in Bay 5. She says they will talk later.

Pipeline returns to engine room, while Switch decides to talk to Grigori. just as she begins the feel out this leader among the savages, a gang of Bluejay‘s men led by Hurt busts in. A giant picks up Red shirt and carries him inside. They demand the missing item from the case. Switch however scares them off. They go to leave but warn hre that she has a day to complete the deal one way or the other. Otherwise they will cut the Carnival’s power and vac them.

Kriss comes over to her and says she can’t let them leave. Even as her mother’s ghost whispers the same to her, she asks Manfred’s mask for advice. It urges murder.

Switch advances on the giant and stabs his kneecaps, maiming him. A fight breaks out with Switch’s poorly armed and unarmored carnies on one side and Bluejay thugs on the other. The carnival crew suffers heavy losses. The first to die is Kittens, shot while hiding behind the Ferris wheel. Switch dodges the bullets, slicing the thugs open with her knife.

On the side lines, Hiccup and Max watch. Hiccup points out to Max that the true threat is Kriss. Max tries to get her sister to hide and then advances on him. Above the conflict the tribe watches.

Kriss sees Max coming and the two warrior blaze away with smg’s. Max avoids the worst of the harm but Kriss seems almost impervious to the gun fire. He reveals himself as a Wolf of the Maelstrom inciting those around him to greater and greater acts of violence. Around their battle, Switch’s family is cut down by Bluejay’s forces. In desperation Switch jumps on Daily, shielding him from the bullets. Hiccup, distraught at the carnage runs out into the midst of the fighting demanding that they stop.

In the ensuing silence, Hurt and the survivors drag their wounded away and leave. For now. Max meanwhile grabs Kriss and puls him to ground. She stabs Kriss over and over until finally he dies in a blazing fire.

The battle over they check the wounded and dying. The results of grim. Only Chic and Daff are still breathing. While Max is busy keeping them alive, Switch tells Daily to get the Carnival off Megaton. She then walks off the ship, passing Mice who is playing with an electronic music player. At the main door, Grigori confronts her. Not willing to stop, she kills him. The tribe members watching up in the rafters hurl spears in retaliation. Switch cuts a rope and flies up there. They set up barricades and back off. Switch leaves the ship but Hiccup follows her out.

Katya meanwhile returns to the bay the Carnival is docked at. A crowd of people has gathered and gossiping about the blood bath that just occurred. The current rumor is that Bluejay’s men have just executed everyone on the Carnival. Katya and her friend follow the blood trails back towards the ship. They runs into an angry Switch, who testily tells her that the tribe is fine. Switch continues and Katya makes it to the ship. She finds Grigori dead and Max patching the wounded. She offers to find some medicine to help. Max accepts the help but realizes Hiccup has left. She and Pipeline go after both her and Switch.

Switch muscles her way to Bug‘s building. She asks the guard to let her in, prepared to murder them if they don’t. Surprisingly they let her in. As she climbs the stairs, Bug calls down if she is here to give up or die. She says she is here for revenge. A grenade bounces down the stairs, she backs off dodging the explosion.

Meanwhile Hiccup arrives at the doors and seduces one of the guards to get inside. She hears fighting in stairwell and pocks her head in as the first explosion reverberates down the structure. As further grenades fall, she hurries to the security station to help Switch. Unfortunately there are guards who handcuff her to a pipe.

Switch meanwhile climbs the central space dodging explosions and reaching Bug and his men. She stabs him in the shoulder, breaking his collar bone among other things. As he coughs up blood, his men turn their shotguns on her. Glowing wings unfurl to protect her. She then kills Bug. A grenade slips free of his grasp and she and the men up there are blow up.

Hiccup watches as her “sister” dies. She sees Switch fall down the stairwell to her death. The guards abandon her to check on Bug. Hiccup tries to escape but can’t quite pull herself free without harming herself.

Pipeline and Max arrive and find the building unguarded. Max frees Hiccup while Pipeline goes to find Switch. She finds her friend and captain broken and dead at the base of the stairwell. Then Switch’s eyes open. She tells Pipeline to take the family to safety. Pipeline freaks out as this aberration of nature. Max and Hiccup meanwhile release the ship from Megaton’s system. Hiccup triggers distress calls throughout the station to confuse people. Max then goes to get Pipeline. The woman is too stunned to move so Max carries her out.

They manage to get back to the Carnival without anymore trouble. As they leave however they see a horde of Reaver ships approaching. Daily turns everything off and lets the ship drift. As one of the giant hulks passes close by Daily faints. Max mans the controls and watches as Megaton is taken.

They drift for a day, during which Max uses the supplies Katya scrounged up to bring Daff and Nestor back from the brink of death. Funerals are arranged for all the fallen a process that takes an entire day. As part of the tribe’s customs, Grigori is burned, though safely in the oven.

Afterwards they discussion which course to take. Max, Hiccup, Daily, a drunken Pipeline, Katya and her brother Ilya take part. Max points out they need a destination. Daily says Blue Moon isn’t too far and he can arrange work. Katya looks into Maelstrom sees there are problems with the mines there. She tells them which freaks out Daily and Pipeline. Max is unfazed. one thing that isn’t decided is who will lead the crew.

Pipeline spends the next week drinking heavily. Daily tries to talk to her but is too nervous to push her. Max offers to help. Their conversation almost leads to blows but seems to snap her out of her depression a bit. Pipeline however thinks Max is a drama-queen.

Also over that time, Max begins looking to take over Switch’s room. Her sister Hiccup objects and Max backs off for now. Katya talks to her brother about a spirit journey to reach her father. He willing to go with her but she tells him someone needs to stay to lead tribe. He agree to hold things together while she goes. The elders help her reach him.

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