Space World

Session 13: Touching the Past

A power struggle begins to brew between the shaman Nadya Kovyal Alexandrovna and Ekaterina Mikhailova Petrova. Nadya controls the inner circle of mystics, though they argue with her almost as much as everyone else. Katya meanwhile hold sway over the hunters.

Max meanwhile has been chatting with Daily about the Carnival’s resources. They need to make some money if they are to survive. Max tells Daily she will talk to the tribe about them their pulling weight.

In the rafters, Katya and Nadya discuss Mikhail Pavelovich Pertrov’s vision of the red world and what their course should be. Some of the tribe want to rescue him while other seek a new vision. As Nadya and Katya argue, the rest of the tribe talk about the spirit on the ship, the ghost of the captain haunting it. Max arrives at this point and talks to Katya about some work the tribe could do. Nadya is intrigued by the gunlugger and uses a translator to try to sound her out. She also opens her mind and has a vision. Max is like a flaming cactus: dangerous but rewarding. After the meeting, Nadya and a young hunter named Stephon go below to look for allies for the council later that night.

In Narnia‘s tent, Pipeline has gather Hiccup, Old Ma and Narnia to discuss their course of action. Pipeline doesn’t trust Max and wants to do seance to contact Switch. Old Ma is dubious about contacting ghosts. Hiccup excuses herself, explaining she isn’t much help. In the end they do the seance but the forces unleashed recoil and their focus, the charred mask of Manfred’s, breaks in two.

Outside the tent, Hiccup runs into Nadya and Stephon. The shaman is curious about this child, a feeling ehoed by Hiccup. In the course of translating, Stephon lets slip some of Nadya’s visions, that spirits are strong around Hiccup. It seems she can quiet spirits around her unconsciously. Nadya convinces her to come to her tent to talk more.

Pipeline runs into Max on her way back to her bunk. The gunlugger tries sounds out the battlebabe if she is up for doing murder gigs. However, Gauge overhears them. He reveals himself, holding Mice as a human shield. He tries to blackmail Max into cutting him in. She grits teeth against threatening him and leaves.

In the rafters, Hiccup and Nadya talk. Nadya thinks she could be a great shaman. Hiccup is unsure and needs proof of her powers. Nadya uses her followers to bring a vision of Blue Moon. They see two miners arguing people locked up in the mines. One man claims they are Reavers while the other one says his wife is in there. Worried Hiccup leaves to find Max.

Hiccup finds Max and Daff on the flight deck. She tells them about the Reavers and that they need a new course. Max isn’t so sure and thinks they might be able to handle it. she also says they don’t have another option. Hiccup goes looking for Daily.

In her bunk, Pipeline tries to contact Switch again using Commander Kriss‘s sword. This time something happens. The mask snaps together and floats. A Whispering voice talks to her, telling Pipline she is Switch’s mother. She tells her she is trying to get to Blue Moon to sow the seeds of the Garden Ship fruit. The fruit isn’t gone, the remains are near Hiccup. Then Narnia comes in and the seance ends. the mask drops. Narnia pretty shaken up but Pipeline is able to get her to help investigate Hiccup.

Hiccup finds Daily and easily convinces him to redirect course.

Later as she and Max rest in Switch’s old room, Narnia and Pipeline come by. they talk cryptically about looking into food stores and ask whether Hiccup has any fruit. Max is suspicious but Narnia pulls her aside. She wants Max not to interfere. Max can tell however she is scared of Hiocup.

That evening the tribe has a council to decide their path. Almost the whole tribe is there as Katya and Nadya contest each other. The shamans propose various courses but ultimately suggest using their powers to hide themselves from the psychic maelstrom. Nadya however decides to use their power to contact Mikhail. She reaches out but something burns her and the minds of her followers. they fall into violence lashing out at each other. As Katya tries to save her brother from being strangled, Nadya draws their attention. Unfortunately they attack her. She wards off most of their attacked but is stabbed badly. The chaos subsides as she collapses. Max comes up, drawn by the noise of combat but everything is done. She tries to patch up the shaman but the wound turns out to be worse than expected. with no other recourse she redirects the ship to Blue Moon to get medical supplies.

The Carnival lands and Max and Hiccup head out. Pipeline stays behind and tries a final time to contact Switch. Miraculously it works and she appears. After yelling and blaming Switch for the mess they are in, she asks her old captain for advice. Switch tells her not to trust Mother and that the fruit is locked in the safe under her bed. Pipeline checks it but it is empty. Concerned she goes looking for Hiccup.

Hiccup and Max meanwhile have found the locals surly and lacking in medical supplies. Max hints that she knows about their Reaver problem and can help. She is directed to Town Hall. But she gets the impression they distrust Spooks. At Town Hall she has to hand over her grenade launcher but is shown to the mayor, Crane. Max offers to kill the Reavers for him but he doesn’t trust her. He wants a hostage. She says she’ll do it without her gun. However again she is suspicious that the “Reavers” are not what is claimed. She is led to the mine and locked in.

Back in town, Hiccup tries to blend in with the locals but Pipeline finds her. The tall Amazon asks her about the safe and it comes out that Mice might be interested in the fruit. Just then they spot Gauge looking for someone. Pipeline confronts him and he admits he is looking for Mice. Pipeline searches for her and Gauge and Hiccup return to the ship.

In the mines, Max soon finds nine spooks gathered around a fire. she reveals herself and most flee. She convinces the others she is here to help. She gets directions to the three Reavers. Two were trapped in an elevator while the third was on the lower level. She finds the elevator missing, the line cut. She descends down the shaft to the darkness below. There she sneaks up on one and kills it. But even as she finishes it off, she hears the others murdering the spooks. She chases after them, finding half of the spooks brutally slain. A fifth is catatonic by the wall. She drags him along looking for the others. Then she is surprised as he and the other two Reavers attack. She kills the survivor but another Reaver lands on her and stabs her in the neck. Hurt but angry she lashes out and tears them apart with her knives.

Pipeline runs around town looking for Mice. She finds the little girl walking along with a bag. She asks what is in it, but mice demands money in return for a peek. Pipeline agrees and Mice shows her a bag of candy and toys she got for selling the seeds. They return to the ship though they hear screams as they approach. Screams from the mines.

Max makes her way to surface and knocks on the door demanding to be let out. The guards seem unsure if they should let her go. As they debate asking Crane, Max grabs one through the slit and forces him to open the door. While the other one fumbles for his gun, she crushes the first one’s throat and slices off the other ones hand. She then kills him. As people are drawn by the screams, she slips off. She guts the guard to Town Hall and makes her way into the bunker. Unfortunately she is surprised by Crane’ gang, who shoot and stab her. Picking herself off the ground she beats them back and carves a path to Crane. Threaten his life she demands her gun and the medical supplies.

Pipeline and Katya head towards the screams. A violent crowd has gathered by the mine entrance. Katya follows Max’s trail to Town Hall. The gang there spots them however and Katya is shot. Pipeline and the savage fight Crane’s men. After several deaths and numerous injuries they break and scatters. Not needing him anymore, Max kills Crane and gathers the medical supplies. The crew return to the Carnival and leave.

Max patches herself and Pipeline up, though will need a week to recover. Unfortunately too much time has passed and Nadya dies. As her last gaps she channels the tribe’s spiritual energy and switches places with Mikhail. The elder shaman awakens.

Later Pipeline invites Hiccup over to her bunk. Switch is still there. Switch tells her “sister” she should be Captain.

And the Carnival continues on.


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