Space World

Session 3: The Bottle Episode

Nightingale goes to draw blood from crew, attempting to discern who on the ship is suffering from Kripton Oxide poisoning. Most of the crew are willing, but Tatters is hesitant, says he will come by the infirmary later on to give his blood. Brace is found playing cards with other crew members for extra food rations, and agree’s to give his blood at the infirmary. Bigs will do the same but Bullet toughs it out there.

Midnight learns from Rum that Shiv yelled at him. However when he confronts him about it, Shiv denies knowing anything about it. Later Rum thinks Midnight doesn’t believe him.

Vivek meanwhile sees some strange figures while on his drugs. He goes hunting for them.

When Gale later returns, she sees that Brace has giving his winnings of rations to Tally, although Brace makes no comment on the matter. Brace and Gale have a conversation during the blood drawing, in which Brace questions Gale as to her relationship with Bluejay, and Gale questions Brace as to his feelings towards Tally.

Brace is called up to the bridge by Farley. It seems an unexpected nebula has appeared. Brace opens his mind and spies a ship attacked by reavers. He advises the captain to go around the nebula. It will slow them down a week but its safer.

Midnight arrives at infirmary later, and Nightingale invites him into the quarantine room to (hopefully) make love. At that moment, Tally’s condition violently worsens, and Gale has to put off the evening to struggle to keep Tally alive.

After the desperate struggle to keep Tally alive subsides, Gale shouts for Vivek over the coms (despite the late hour), and demands he finish his work on the blood purifier. After a brief exchange, Gale tricks Vivek into entering his work room, and locks the door behind him, refusing to release him until the purifier is complete. While alone in the work room, Vivek hears Midnight talking with Gale, describing having taken something “from Vivek’s stash.”

After failing to find Vivek himself, Midnight goes to bed. He awakens to find Donna having sex with him. Midnight pushes Donna aside, asking how she got onto the ship. Using his charm, he finds out from Donna that there are two others on the ship with them, having gotten inside when the Starlight was leaving the Asteroid port.

Midnight goes to tell Farley of the stowaways. He finds Brace alone on the bridge. The two talk and Brace offers him some tea. Brace asks him what keeps him going. Midnight says its his desire to make people’s lives better with his music. He asks Brace the same question. Brace isn’t sure.

Midnight alerts Farley in the Gallery and alerts him to the trouble. Later, Midnight returns to his room to find Donna and Visage behind the door. Visage holds a shotgun at Midnight’s side, but Midnight quickly retaliates with a wrist-gun shot to the heart. Slightly injured, Midnight watches as Visage quickly dies, although Visage mentions something of the third stowaway before passing. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the crew arrived, putting Donna in a holding cell in the ships lower levels.

Gale and Vivek finish their treatment of Tally and Gale again asks Midnight to talk with her in the quarantine room. He more than willingly takes up the offer of sex. Afterwards, Gale tells Midnight she loves him. He responds, dishonestly, in kind, but Gale sees through his lie.

Vivek observes the aftermath of Gale’s heartbreak. He offers to watch Tally as she gets food, and she brings back some for him as well. They chat, and Gale asks Vivek about his continued high, offering her assistance if he feels like giving sobriety a try. He is noncommittal, but offers to run the next treatment while Gale gets some rest.

By this point the crew has noticed Tatters’ absence. A crew goes out to find Tatters as well as the third stowaway. While searching with Bigs and Ula, Midnight hears someone crawling around in the ventilation ducts. He follows, and eventually comes to find Tatters, savagely beaten, in a storage container.

Elsewhere, seeking companionship, Brace turns his eyes to Sun, inviting her to look at some electronic matters in the drive-room. During a touch, he learns that she had killed a prior shipmate in an altercation over supplies. He begins to seduce her, offering her his special tea and gaining control over her mind. Finally, Brace reaches out, placing a command within Sun’s mind. But surprisingly, the command is for Sun to forgive herself, and moments thereafter Brace rescinds all psychic dominance over the woman. This strange act of courtship leaves Sun confused, but Brace filled with a new found means of employment for his bizarre powers of manipulation.

Midnight and his group quickly bring the injured Tatters to Gale, who attempts to heal him. Opening her mind to his condition, Gale and Tatters are both thrown into the strange vision of a church room Gale had earlier, in which Gale sees Tatters crucified before her, only to have a force of reavers burst in the room behind her. The vision ends, but Tatters begins to convulse, and ultimately ends up in a coma.

Brace, intent on finding out more about the violent stowaway, goes to Donna’s holding room to probe her mind. When he arrives, he finds nothing but a tub filled with a bloody sheet and an open ventilation shaft nearby. Opening his mind the the maelstrom, Brace sees images of fists hitting flesh, the owner of said fists switching between an unknown assailant… and Shiv. He remembers the abuse his father doled out to his mother.

Vivek meanwhile with little else to do opens his mind. He gets a vision of a possible hiding spot for the remaining stowaway. He builds and sets up some booby traps near the landing gear.

Later, Gale meets with Brace in the Drive Room. After a further conversation about Bluejay, Gale asks for Brace to fulfill his offer of calling Jay to them through the void. Brace agrees, and implanting himself in ship’s the linkflight system, calls out Bluejay’s name.


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