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Session 7: The Ties that Bind Us

Switch and Midnight take Ula to Medbay. Gale seems stressed and chews out Midnight about tricking Ula instead of trying to convince her. Reluctantly she agrees to look at the fruit and a blood sample. when she looks at the fruit however she faints and sees the church through the psychic maelstrom again.

Switch leaves while Midnight puts Ula in her bunk and waits for her to wake up.

After the White Guard leave, Brace tries to talk to Rat. The nurse is scared and wants nothing to do with him. Then some goons show up. Brace scares the lead one off with his psychic powers but as they leave they say the owner of the ship wants to talk to him. He then turns back to rat who has fled the scene. Sun and the repairman for the door arrive. Brace promises Sun sex for watching ship while he is gone.

Switch goes to the Carnival and chats with Daily. The deal broker is worried. Bluejay is on Megaton and wants to see her. He is also upset about something or so the rumors say. Switch mentioend she was at the Garden Ship and Daily mentions they have some of that fruit to resell at the carnival. Switch tells him not to give it to anybody. Then she goes to meet Bluejay.

Brace gets message from an urchin with pigtails. Gale wants to see him. He returns to the Starlight but Rum is guarding the door. Brace forces his way past the kid. Inside he finds Gale is torturing Crypt. She claims she can save both of her and the child but only if she reveals who she works for. Crypt however refuses to give up the information so Gale ruins her arm. she then notices Brace there.

Gale puts Crypt under and talks to the pilot. They deeply question each other. Brace realizes Gale wants to help him and falls in love with her. Gale meanwhile tells him her vision for the future: helping each other and maintaining bonds of family and friendship. Then a message from Sun comes in. The woman is bruised and claims Bluejay took her and the Nevermore. He wants meet Brace at the apartments in Bay 6.

Returns to medbay and tries to get Rum to deliver message to Snail for him. The child however is dedicated to guarding the door. He also claims Midnight didn’t believe him earlier about Shiv. Midnight tries to reconcile with Rum and points out he told Farley about what happened. Then Midnight finds and bribes Shiv with tools to deliver the message to Snail: not to give out the fruit and to come to him if he wants to argue about it.

Switch goes the sweet of apartments Bluejay has rented. She is let into waiting room where a tall woman says Bluejay will see in a moment. As she waits she tries talking to a creepy old bald handed man. He seems afraid of her or the diseases she might be carrying. The robed man named Scar seems more accommodating. Switch quickly realizes he is a cold blooded killer.

The woman return and takes her upstairs to Bluejay’s office. The man is dressed in a tailored leather suit and has a strange creature called a Skirr that he puts in a cage. He warns her it might bite off a finger. Bluejay wants her carnival to deliver a package to King in the planet Everette. He is willing to give her 6-barter for the job. She makes a counter offer, she’ll do it for free in exchange for freedom from their arrangement. He gives her the cash anyway and says if she returns it then they are done. Bluejay sends Jimbo to carry the money (green case) and the package (red case) to the Carnival.

Brace and Gale pass Switch on her way out. The two are led to see Bluejay, who has taken out the Skirr. Bluejay is upset that his pirates have been killed. He claims to have plans for them. He tells Brace however he willing to make a deal. Bluejay tries to have Gale led from the room but she refuses. When a goon, Gus, tries to lead her out, Brace tries to use his psychic powers on him. The effect is reflected back by the Skirr and Brace backs off. Gale eventually is convince to leave along with all of the other goons.

Bluejay and Brace have a private chat. Bluejay wants him to work for him in exchange for the Nevermore. Brace makes counter offer: White for his and Gale’s freedom. Bluejay agrees.

Gale is led to the bar where she finds Sun. She seems okay. Gale tries to get out but the guy at the door won’t let her past. She puts a narcostab to his neck and forces her way out. Sun and her take the elevator down. As the door opens the tall woman and a gang of guys with clubs tries to stop them. Gale takes them out in a flurry of fists, kicks and body throws. Sun flees. The elevator opens again and Brace comes out. They quickly leave.

Ula wakes up. Midnight explains himself, saying how he was doing it for her. He warns her that Bigs might not even remember her. She punches him and walks off. Shiv returns and Midnight takes him to his room and gives him the tools. Midnight returns to Medbay but only finds Rum there. He tries to get a report from Sparky but it tries to heal him. Rum stops the machine and gets him the report. Midnight can’t make sense of it but it seems not poisonous. He begins to doubt himself and walks off to the concert.

Switch and Jimbo arrive at the carnival. after she locks up the cases she tries to seduce Jimbo but he is unwilling to stay. Switch then talks with Daily and Nestor about the new plans. Then she has Shatterglass look at the fruit. He seems to really dislike it, wiping his hand off on Nester’s shift. He agrees to look closer if she gets Midnight Storm poster signed for him. She agrees to get it signed and bring him by later.

Midnight is intercepted on the way to the concert by Wrench and some White Guard. They take him to an interrogation room and left there. As minutes pass into hours, Midnight looks into the maelstrom, which to him is a mess of discordant noise. He starts singing to attract attention. Commander Kriss arrives to question him, but it soon clear he is stalling until the concert is over. Midnight cuts him off and tries to get him to reason with him. Kriss then reveals himself to be a Wolf of the Maelstrom. Then he tries to leave. Midnight fights his way out of the room and locks them in. He takes a bullet in the process however.

Midnight makes his way back to the concert. He talks to Snails as he patches himself up. He tells Snails he will compensate him for the fruit and then does his show. As he plays he can see the White Guard lurking outside, except for Wrench who is enjoying the show. At intermission, he high fives Wrench and mingles. He runs into Switch and signs the poster for Shatterglass. As he is mingling a man named Maddog gives him the gift of his father’s watch.

After the show Midnight leads some of his fans to the Carnival. Commander Kriss confronts him and states there is curfew in effect. Midnight tells his fans they should leave Megaton, that this place is no longer good place to be. He does a walking ballad which drives off the Wolves. At the carnival he does another set and meets Shatterglass.

Switch and Midnight go to her room afterwards. They chat as he looks at her assortment of knickknacks, like an albatross wood carving from her father. Midnight tries to convince Switch to help him with the Garden Ship. She is reluctant until Shatterglass comes in and reveals some of the fruit has been eaten. Determiend to protect her family they do a seance over the fruit. With Midnight’s help, she gets a glimpse of a smothering mother. They plan to investigate the Garden Ship the next day and then stop it during his concert.

Back at the Nevermore Brace and gale ready to face White. He calls him but nothing happens. They are going to have to go after him.


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