A sensual, arresting spook, poised and dangerous


Brace is a lithe, angular man with a pale, striking face and sharp, arresting eyes. His fashion includes sparse shreds of pilot gear, though occasions for less clothing cause him no pause. His movements are smooth and purposeful, carrying himself with an air of confidence and nonchalance. His demeanor is strangely captivating, striking a fine balanced between alluring and unnerving.


Brace was hired on as a pilot for the Starlight by Farley several years ago, and has proven himself a capable hand on multiple occasions. Brace was never exactly a normal individual, but the endless hours of sitting before the void of space began to alter his mind, preceding his development of certain abilities.

Obsessed with intimacy and control, Brace used unnatural seduction to pry into the minds and hearts of those around him. But as he slept his way through his fellows, he found himself surprisingly… unattached to those whose souls he came to gleam.

When Bullet, the ship’s cook, tried to kill him, Brace found himself strangely moved by the exchange. With a poise and confidence he was only just discovering, Brace killed Bullet (though injured in the process), and emerged from the flames anew, carrying a subtle energy that crackles like lightning just beneath the surface.


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