Nightingale’s brother, also called Jay. He has a private army and set on conquering the universe. He is now lord of Megaton and he used the Carnival to bribe someone named King.


Gale occasionally mentions, when she allows herself to get sloshed, her older brother Jay. He was on Lily Pad 3, at least three ships down doing one of his “deals” when the Reavers smashed in and ripped out the other side. Gale feels that he is still out there, but has no idea how to find him.

While healing Brace’s spanner-damaged face, Gale had a strange vision of a wooden room, set up like a school or worship room. A bell tolled ominously. As Brace turned to leave the infirmary, he intimated that he could help her find Jay.

Later still when healing herself, Gale had a vision of his ship. It was nearby. She asked Brace to make good on calling him. He appeared on Megaton looking to conquer it. Thanks to Brace he succeeded.


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