Ekaterina Mikhailova Petrova

Strong-arm of the Baikal tribe


Beloved Katya of the Baikal tribe is a lithe woman in worn leather wear. Laughing eyes survey the world from her tattooed, noble face while she moves with a animalistic grace. A long bracelet of broken teeth and shattered glass hangs from her right wrist, while her supple bow is never far from her grasp.


Cool +1 Hard +2 Hot +0 Sharp +2 Weird +2
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  • Wasteland Survival
  • Quick In
  • Somewhere Out There
  • Things Speak (from Dreamer)

Other Advancements

  • + 1 weird
  • + 1 cool
  • + 1 hard
  • + 1 hot
  • a gang and leadership: The hunters of the Baikal Tribe (2-harm, small, 1-armor)
  • Create a second character (Hiccup)


Exposed to putrid flesh on the Dent.


well cared for leather armor (1-armor)
garrotte (2-harm, AP intimate)
machete (3-harm, hand, messy)
bow (2-harm)
fine, cured hides (1 barter)


Ekaterina Mikhailnova, known to her tribe as Katya, has lived her whole life on Everette. Her sense of humor can be off-putting, even to those familiar with her, while her foreign mannerisms put strangers ill at ease. This is magnified by her unexplained way of knowing things she should not know. Still, she is easy to laugh and deeply protective of her tribe.

Her father, the shaman, has long instructed her on the dream walk and other ways of the maelstrom, guiding her towards taking his place one day, but Katya is uncertain. Though she does not trust herself, she believes wholeheartedly in her father’s wisdom, arranging passage for herself and 34 others aboard The Carnival, and blasting into the unknown. With the help of the elders, she went deep into the dreamlands, searching for her father. She tracked him to a church-like structure, where he explained his need to stay and fight off and unknowable threat which seeks to consume the tribe. He charged Katya’ka to return to lead the tribe and find a way to permanently protect their souls.

Exploring her new environment, she communes with the ship’s engine and discovers a hairline crack in the Baalight crystal. This forces the Carnival crew to enter the drifting hulk of the Dent in search of a replacement where she sees for the first time the aftermath horror of a Reaver attack. Katya discovers there are dangers within the ship, too. A few of her tribes members are seeking wisdom from the Herald worshiped by the Freakshow crew.

Grigori seized this fracture to gain sway over her brother and a portion of the hunters. Katya promised to marry him for the sake of the tribe, only to find him cut down at the door of the Carnival.


Katya trusts Max as a fellow hunter. She discussed combat techniques with Max over the night fire, and the scarred warrior helped defend the tribe from a kikamora. She provided the warrior with one of the tribe’s primitive clubs. She has also helped provide Max with medicine to supplement her field medic kit and save lives on the Carnival.

Katya was grateful to Switchblade for easily taking her people aboard the Carnival. She is curious about Switch’s knowledge of space travel and ship flight, but distrusts the petite woman’s crew for their influence on her tribe. Now she only feels sympathy for the poor young woman who exploded after the attack on her family.

Manfred intrigued Katya, and she was impressed that he took down a kikamora by himself. She learned much more, following him aboard his old home where he survived a reaver attack. She was shocked to hear the stoic man had sacrificed himself to buy the Carnival time to escape.

Ira is a trusted friend. The two women hunters earned their bows at the same ceremony.

Grisha was once her lover, but she despised his complaints. He sought more wisdom in a strange animal than her father’s insight. Ridiculous! She was sadly contemplating his sacrifice on their wedding night if his vision had been so fully corrupted, but was spared this choice by Switchblade’s swift vengeance.

She helped rescue Daff from the Dent, though the man will never have full use of his arm due to a nasty booby trap.

Katya is amused, if puzzled by Pipeline’s aggression and distrust.

Ekaterina Mikhailova Petrova

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