Main Stream

A traveling merchant who rents a cargo container on Starlight


A lithe, medium-sized woman whose ashen hair is always falling forward to cover her sharp hazel eyes, Main Stream typically wears planet-side style clothing, a long jacket with many pockets, and a small leather satchel.


Main came aboard about a year ago during one of the Starlight’s visits to Megaton. She has remained rather removed from the crew since then; part of her deal with Farley is the right to keep everyone out of her container. Unmarked crates were loaded on her arrival, but she only tends to leave with a small satchel when she heads out to bargain. Her door is always locked behind her.

She’s okay in a fight, but her true talents lie elsewhere. She always pays her monthly passage with an unique book, meticulously maintained.

There’s a nasty rumor floating around that she fucks animals. No one is quite sure where they first heard it and most don’t really believe it, but it’s helped to keep her from fully integrating with the crew.

Main Stream

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