Midnight Storm



Cool +1 Hard +2 Hot +3 Sharp +2 Weird -2


  • Breathtaking
  • Artful & Gracious
  • Hypnotic
  • Divine Protection
  • Fortunes (and followers)
  • Reputation
  • Disarming Presence
  • Radiant
  • Threshold
  • Alive in the World
  • Cooperative
  • Daredevil

Other Advancements

  • +1 hard
  • +1 sharp
  • Second Character Max


  • Long Gorgeous Coat (worn valuable)
  • Pet (valuable alive): Acid, my zero-G adapted space cat
  • Sleeve pistol (2-harm close reload loud)
  • Visage’s sawed off shotgun (3-harm close reload messy)
  • Beatup six string (cumbersome valuable)
  • Oddments worth 1 barter


Midnight’s fans are eager and enthusiastic, constantly recruiting more fans. when things are good, they party and use lots of drugs. when things are bad they desert him and their relationship breakdown as their feelings run wild.

Population: About 22 dedicated fans spread across various stations.

+1 fortune
Surplus: 1-barter, +party, +stupor, +growth
Wants: +desertion, +savagery


Physical Description

A slim man in a long gorgeous coat and luxe wear. His beautiful face distracts from his laughing eyes. His hands are calloused from his guitar work and there is an edge of hardness about him.


Midnight is a native of Lilly Pad Base 3 which was destroyed when he was only 15. He doesn’t know what happened to his family only that their section of the base was on fire. He escaped on the ship with the others, joining the crew in the lonely darkness.

In the ship’s hold, he found an old crate with an assortment of musical instruments. A beat up six string guitar stood out. He taught himself how to play and has become a source of distraction for the crew. He also helps them get into trading posts and similar engagements with an offer of some entertainment to break the boredom.

Lately though he has felt like he hasn’t been pulling his weight. He’s been looking for a place in the ship as a cook or engineer. Others seem to see him as shallow, something he feels he needs to prove is wrong. He recently has found his way with words allow him to defuse fights and he’s decided ending conflicts is a good place to start. But he has found the Wolves of the Maelstrom are hunting him.

He knows he has made mistakes and is trying to be a better person. His efforts don’t always seem to make things better though. But he hasn’t given up.

Since Megaton however he has been looking for a location to rest. He has chosen Everette as a place to stay and fix up.

Midnight Storm

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