Nightingale is a quiet woman. Her compact, curvy body is comfortable under layers of bulky utility wear or a vacsuit whenever she’s off Starlight. Her steady, clear eyes shine out of a kind, sweet face which make people gravitate towards her. She’s approximately 23 years old. Nightingale has spent her whole life in space and feels a strong sense of duty to help innocents and those she cares about.


Cool -1 Hard +3 Hot +2 Sharp +3 Weird +3
Grief +0


  • Infirmary
  • Healing Touch
  • Touched by Death
  • Visions of Death
  • Good in the Clinch
  • Battlefield Grace
  • Indomitable
  • Visionary
  • Psychic Reflector
  • Followers: Nightingale’s Serpents

Other Advancements

  • +1 sharp
  • +1 hard
  • +1 hot
  • +1 hard
  • +1 hot
  • Expanded moves: act under fire, read a person, open your brain
  • Retired to safety


  • Angel Kit (4 of 6 stock)
  • .38 revolver (2-harm, reload loud)
  • Vac suit (1 armor to piercing)
  • 3 barter



Nightingale was raised with her brother on the giant warship, Centurion. Her sensitivity towards others and early aptitude with healing was recognized by the ship’s doctor, who trained her in triage, surgery, and diagnostics, as well as some of the emerging medicines of herbal remedies and psychoanalysis.

When her parents were lost on a forward scouting mission in her fourteenth year, Nightingale was distraught. She clung to her older brother’s suggestion that they go in search of their parents. Bluejay piloted the small shuttle out of the Centurion, negotiating the patrols and checkpoints, while Gale took care of rations. Soon the two orphans were adrift in the black. Gale begged her brother to return or send out a beacon, but Jay harshly denied her with talk of Reavers picking up on their signal and turned to check on his parcels.

An explosion rocked the tiny craft, scorching Jay’s flesh and fracturing the double hull. As her brother bled under her hands and their life breath bled into space, Gale’s mind was seared with an epiphany. She drew from the cosmos with her will and hope and poured it into the atoms of her brother’s flesh. Wiping away the blood from the healthy skin in disbelief, Gale slammed on the distress beacon before losing consciousness.

The teenagers were rescued by a passing freighter and managed to pay their way on Gale’s skills and Jay’s charm, moving from ship to ship, base to base, planetoid to planet. Nightingale still feels a low level of guilt for all the people she and Jay have left in the lurch, during their travels. Jay often referenced his plans, but angrily shut down Gale anytime she asked for details. She gleaned enough to know Lilly Pad Base 3 was key to Jay’s designs, but the Reavers attacked before she learned more.

Gale managed to get Tally aboard the nearby Starlight before take-off and has been working as ship’s doctor ever since. Through her continued manipulation of the maelstrom to heal her shipmates, Gale has begun to see recurring visions and nightmares of The Ruined City and now recognizes its connection to the maelstrom. She’s concerned about what might become of her and the people she cares about, should she fail them.

Her relationship with Brace has helped to clarify what is important in her life. Nightingale has rededicated herself to the importance of caring for others, even with a show of force. She has opened her infirmary to many students from Megaton, seeking to train them in medical skills and thereby magnify her effect many times over what she can do alone.

Unseen by many, Nightingale has a small, graceful tattoo of a swooping bird, flying along her right shoulder blade.



Nightingale is in love with Brace. His concern for Tally during the recent kryptonoxide helped to humanize the distant spacer-pilot in Gale’s eyes, and she decided to take him up on his offer to call Bluejay. She learned that he exterminated almost an entire pirate ship full of people, the Nevermore, with the help of Manfred. When confronted, he traded on their friendship and asked her simply not to get involved, hurting her greatly. Certain he would be leaving soon and that he didn’t reciprocate what she had come to feel for him, she none-the-less tortured Crypt, the pregnant pirate left in her care, in an attempt to find information to help cement Brace’s claim to the ship. This act clarified the feelings of both and they teamed up to capture White, delivering him and control of Megaton into the hands of her brother, so that they would be free to leave.

Once in love with Midnight Storm, Nightingale confessed her feelings after seducing him in one of her quarantine rooms. He claimed to love her as well, but Gale could clearly see this was a lie and that the young rocker is nowhere near any genuine feelings for her. At first, she believed Midnight to be a shallow soul, but her reflections have brought her to realize that her own affections were not very deep. She realizes he is a good person, helping to pay for the equipment that saved Tatters’s life. They made peace with each other before he left the Starlight.

Gale doesn’t know much about the new ship’s cook except that he helped Brace to murder the crew of the Nevermore and makes a mean omelet. His price for helping with White was too steep, and he did not return to the ship during the chaos.

Nightingale never interacted with Switchblade in a relaxed situation and wasn’t sure what to make of the perky girl in fetish wear.

Vivek always used his drugs to keep people at a distance, or so it seems to Gale. He was a fiercely intelligent man with knowledge of machines and space-horticulture that impress her. Gale felt guilty to realize that Vivek quit cold turkey, apparently on her advice, but suffered the withdrawal in silence for many days until he was compelled to break into her infirmary and steal some of her stock while she slept. She’s a bit pissed about that. Nightingale was surprised to receive an antique key from Vivek, and sad to discover the man was dead. A search of his room after their escape from Megaton has cemented her suspicion that the box stolen from Farley was likely meant for the key.

Nightingale’s Serpents are her small group of medical students. Gale is determined to pass on all her skills and knowledge in saving and prolonging life. Members include: Inch, DamnKid, Adder, Fang, Nova, Clarity, Rat, Burn, and Tally.

Gale has agreed to adopt responsibility for Rum. She feels bad for the kid who has suffered major abuse to the point where compulsive consumption is his one mental release. He now sleeps under her bunk in the infirmary.

Gale sees Tally as the older sister she never had. She’s happy to see Tally taking a leadership role among the Serpents.

During a long period of space-flight, about seven months into her time on ship, Gale had a brief romance with Farley. It started after one night’s sampling of a particularly strong batch of ale. For the next few weeks, they explored the relationship though neither was fully comfortable. At the next port, each managed to find another lover, which they sheepishly confessed to each other, burst out laughing, and agreed to simply be friends.

One night during a drinking game, Gale and Sun shared a kiss in front of half the crew in the Galley. Nothing more has come of it, despite Bullet’s occasional request for a repeat. Sun acted as Gale’s wingman when she went out on self-destructive benders.

On Megaton, Nightingale healed three of the crew of the Nevermore. As she left, she challenged Captain Cipher, asking just how many people the hardened space pirate had killed. Cipher may just want to add Gale to her list. Now it seems that Brace has killed her.


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