Baikal Tribe

The Baikal Tribe is a small familial group of nomads from the planet Everette. They have a rich oral tradition which includes the histories of the tribe’s founding.

During the Crash of the Baikal, 134 cycles* ago, the settlers were forced to strike out into the harsh jungle wilderness of the planet. They learned to survive the slightly psychic landscape and creatures by relying on each other and adjusting their ways. Those people who stayed near Landfall traded with the tribal groups, but became less and less welcoming to long visits as the tribes began to change. The large tribe broke into smaller, ranging groups, centered around several sensitive individuals who could warn of predator attacks.

The tribe felt the wave of the maelstrom wash over Everette, and celebrated the storm for opening the third eye of all members of the tribe. They moved deeper into the landscape, discovering other areas, metal ores, rich pelts, and strange plants. The landless star people re-discovered Everette 52 cycles ago, and slowly began to trade with Landfall.

Men like Edward “King” Williams arrived, but were not remarked upon by the tribe.

Then, a half cycle ago, Shaman Mikhail Pavelovich Pertrov began having visions of the red ship which held the sky inside its belly along with a great spinning wheel. Interpretations of visions are never certain, but he became convinced that it was finally time for his people to rejoin the star people. They whys, hows, and wheres are still very uncertain.

  • Note: A cycle on Everette is slightly shorter than a standard cycle, making these histories difficult to line up with common records.


Baikal Tribe

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