Russian Naming Conventions

The Baikal Tribe is peculiar for many reasons, one of which is their propensity for introducing themselves in a long series of sharp syllables. Due to their strong culture, they have held onto the Russian naming conventions of their progenitors.

This means that Ekaterina Mikhailova Petrova introduces her self as such because her given name is Ekaterina, she is the daughter of Mikhail, and her family name is Petrov. Her brother, Ilya Mikhailovich Pertrov, has a similar origin for his last two names, but uses the -ovich and -ov endings because he is a male. Grigori Pertrovich Pertrov is revealed to be a distant relative of Ekaterina Mikhailova because of their shared surname, though they do not have the same father, while her friend Irina Kironova Saltanova is likely not directly connected to Ekaterina Mikhailova by blood.

To complicate things further, the tribe refers to each other with diminutive names.

Ekaterina Mikhailova Petrova = Katya
Ilya Mikhailovich Pertrov = Ilyanka
Grigori Pertrovich Pertrov = Grisha
Irina Kironova Saltanova = Ira

Though the father and shaman of the tribe is afforded respect and is addressed most often as “Shaman” or by his full first and patronomic name: Mikhail Pavelovich.

Ekaterina Mikhailova may also be called Katen’ka by close family members, very close friends and lovers or Kat’ka (basically “This Kate chick”) when she’s being insulted or for nonchalant familiarity, to take her down a notch.

Russian Naming Conventions

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