The Starlight is an old hulk, once used to haul cargo. Now it is severely undermanned and serves as home for the band of refugees aboard it.

Starlight diagram

Control Room

This room has two levels. The lower level is full of instrumentation and a single seat for the pilot in the center. The upper level (about 4 feet higher) includes panel displays. The forward section includes catwalks leading to additional controls. The forward part of the cabin is made of transparent aluminum and shows the exterior space.


A section of the upper levels deepest in the ship, the walls of this area are covered in painting and books. It has a strange warmth. Captain Farley spends a lot of time here.

Main Cargo Area

This large chamber has an upper catwalk for working the cranes. Doorways lead from the both levels deeper into the ship. A single large door opens to the outside.

Boiler room by e mendoza d3ic58z

Med Bay

The domain of Nightingale, this is where she sleeps as well. There are a couple of semi-isolated quarantine chambers in the room.

Isc jacob  s ladder corridor by ungdi sea d4k98l0

Infirmary test render by the least

The Lower Levels

Many of the lower levels of the ship remain mostly abandoned, as the space on Starlight far exceeds the population within it. While some paths are more commonly used, and there are several cargo containers that have been turned into rooms, the space nevertheless has a hollow, dark feel to it.

Hallway by schizophrniac

3 d modeling final by apple tan

Spaceship interrior by m wojtala d3i6fy9


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