The Carnival

The Carnival was Switchblade‘s ship, inherited to her by her father. The ship travels from port to port, offering it’s strange spectacle. She crew of the ship is a tight-nit family, with Switch as the community head, due both to her inheritance from her father as well as from her natural talent as a Maestro D’.

Carnival 2

Inside of the ship, there are several different zones, sectioned off across the length of the vessel. In the center of the ship by the main entry port is the Hanger Bay. This is the area in which the carnival booths, rides, and carnival food are set up when the ship enters port for business. During travel or other non-carnival days, the Hanger Bay remains fully erected, although at a far less staffed capacity. The Hanger Bay also serves as the main common space of the crew, as most other areas of the ship are cramped and crowded.

Ekaterina Mikhailova Petrova’s tribes-folk build their homes among the girders that cover the ceiling of this space.

Carnival 5

Towards the ship’s bow are the Quarters, where almost all of the crew sleeps. Past the Quarters is the Bow Head, where the Flight Deck, Central Nexus, and Captains Quarters are found.

Towards the ship’s aft is The Den, where farm and display animals are housed and cared for. A few of the ship’s crew sleep here to keep a closer eye on the animals.

Past the Den is the Engine Block, where the Baelight reactors and other vital machinery are maintained.

Boiler room by ewkn d3ca44l

The Carnival

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