The Cosmos

With the advent of the Baelight Reactor in 2145, humanity broke the light-barrier and where able to travel beyond the confines of the Milky Way Galaxy. The subsequent age was one of heavy pioneering, in which the already multitudinous human population diffused across the nearby habitable planets. The influx of new mineral and subsequent Baelight inspired technological advancements made terraforming and other environmental modification accessible, furthering the number of hospitable colonies upon which humanity could prosper. The human race was in a golden age unlike any other.

In 2165, Reavers appeared en-mass, descending upon human colonies across the cosmos and leaving horrid destruction in their wake. This unexpected, unpredictable, and surprisingly overwhelming force decimated human civilization, sending survivors scattering to the fringes of the known universe in hiding from the overpowering reaver cascade.

For 50 years, humanity has lived in hiding. Immobile communities are rare, as reavers have a strange affinity for finding stable human colonies, and consequently destroying them. Mobile and cycling outposts are the most common points of human intersection. Knowledge of such ports are of incredible value for travelers, as even with advanced hydroponics and experienced technological support, every ship eventually will require aid from an outside enterprise.

The exact number of remaining humans is unknown, although speculations based on reports from various port locations puts the number in the estimated range of 50,000, with that number dwindling every year.

The Cosmos

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