The Legend of the Redoubt

Every child of the void knows the story of the Redoubt. Where were you raised, on a fucking ’roid? All right, all right. So it was some all mighty warship of the Golden Age, or a stealth fighter they sent after the colonies, or a diplomatic, scientific techmagic ship of muther-fucking-exploration.

Doesn’t fucking matter which story is true because it was the first: the first fucking Reaver ship. That’s the point. It lead the wave of darkness that crashed over known space and chewed it to mash. The Redoubt fucked over whole systems like a fork up the backside and where it went, more just followed, sucking up the survivors.

No one really knows what it looks like. You know Reavers, building their ships on the bones of the fallen. And it’s not like anyone survives an attack without becoming a fucking spook themselves. I know I’d slit my own throat.

How’d’t happen? Shit, son, if I knew that do you think I’d be drinking piss with the likes of you?

The Legend of the Redoubt

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