The days of prosperity and the stellar hegemony are over. The Reavers came out of the void pillaged the worlds. Space madness destroyed those in space. Everywhere civilization crumbles and the dark days continue to get worse.

The crew of the Starlight live like most these days, traveling between ports of call in a hulking rusty space ship, never staying in one spot longer than it takes to refuel.

Those of the Carnival are similar, just hanging around long enough to make a profit before going elsewhere.

Travel Log

Session 1: Asteroid Base
In which the spook is spooked, Midnight rocks the house, Vivek gets a girl, and Nightingale’s diagnosis is trouble.
Session 2: The Escape
In which Vivek rains down drugs, Midnight makes the sad choice of hard cash or his life, Brace brings home the cat food, and Gale buys a boy.
Session 3: The Bottle Episode
In which Brace gives Midnight tea, Midnight screws Gale, Gale locks-in Vivek, and the stowaways make life uncomfortably interesting for all.
Session 4: Taking Care of Business
In which Gale saves Tally, Midnight “saves” Donna, Vivek saves the whole ship, and Brace blows up Bullet.
Session 5: Bad Dreams
In which Midnight finally works a paying gig, Brace makes more from fucking alone, Gale dreams of the Ruined City, and Vivek discovers what dreams may come…
Session 6: Make Friends and Influence People
In which Manfred makes omeletes while breaking heads, Brace takes a pirate ship, Gale freeruns off Reavers, Midnight gets to the bottom of things, and no one eats the fucking fruit.
Session 7: The Ties that Bind Us
In which Switchblade attempts to cut loose from her debts, Midnight fights the man with his music, and Nightingale and Brace find love via torture.
Session 8: All Good Things
In which Manfred is much in demand, Midnight destroys a false Eden, Switchblade rips into a mother figure, and Brace and Nightingale deliver up Megaton to Bluejay and sail into the starlit void.
Session 9: Alien World
In which Switch makes allies, Max finds her sister, Katya saves her brother, Manfred says little, and Midnight Storm settles down.
Session 10: The Fate of the Dent
In which Switch listens to Mother, Max encounters mistrust, Katya listens to machines, and Manfred meets his past one last time.
Session 11: Family Rifts
In which Max breaks arms, Katya gets engaged, Pipeline argues a bunch, and Switch kills a goat.
Session 12: Falling Angels
In which Katya dream walks, Hiccup makes-over Max, Max gives Pipeline tough love, Pipeline mourns the fallen, and Switchblade burns out.

Space World

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