Switch's "Little Sister" and Max's real sister


Hiccup is a shy girl on the cusp of womanhood. Comfortable knit-wear drapes across her slim body. She has a lovely face and wide, dark eyes.


Cool +1 Hard +0 Hot +3 Sharp +1 Weird -1


* Alive in the World
* Cooperative
* Disarming presense
* +1 Hot


* Hiccup’s books
* Small crocheted animal toys
* Crochet hooks and knitting needles
* 1 barter


Hiccup is a 15 year old that joined the crew of The Carnival about a year back. Hiccup’s parents were “abusive assholes” living on a moon called Shepherd and Switch decided to reach out to the girl and offer her a new home. Since then, the two have been close, although Hiccup is still fairly timid and rarely leaves the ship without Switch or another Muscle as an escort. With the arrival of her sister, Max, and the resent upheaval among the normally stable Carnival crew, Hiccup has begun exerting her own agency over recent situations, awakened to the fallen angels moving among the people.


Hiccup’s real older sister is Max, also known as Maxine, who was sentenced to a prison moon known as the Pit after being deemed a Reaver. Now she has returned, looking to reconnect with Hiccup. Max would like to take a position of authority in the Carnival, moving into Switchblade’s room, but Hiccup has asked her not to.

The loss of Switchblade has shaken Hiccup. The wolf she feared distracted Max while a gang killed her adopted family, while the wolf she hoped to save burned to brightly with revenge and was consumed by it.

She admires Pipeline’s calm self-assurance, but tries to steer clear of the Baikal Tribe.

Hiccup became close to Manfred, only to watch him sacrifice himself for the ship.


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