A violent blood crazed warrior


Max is a woman dressed in battered space marine armor. The right side of her face is a mess of scars from shrapnel and fire. She covers it partially with her dark hair. Her right eye is gone covered in a simple black eye patch, leaving her with a single pale blue mad eye. The damage evidently extends to other parts of her battered body though she must have had surgery to fix most of the impairment. Her right arm is completely cybernetic and sometimes gives off mechanical noises when under stress.

She is always armed with at least a sub machine gun or one of her many knives. Not that she needs them.



  • She has been getting closer to her sister Hiccup though her violent nature strains that at times.
  • She has seen that Switchblade is a devil via the Maelstrom so sees her as a possible kindred spirit. This has not been reciprocated.
  • Pipeline has the best understanding of the ship’s dynamics at the moment which may make her an ally.
  • Katya helped Max escape the jungles of Everette. Her tribe also helped armed her.