The sharp and playful Masestro D'


Switchblade, or “Switch,” is a small, spry girl with a porcelain face and bright, inquisitive eyes. Her fashion is showy display wear, boarding on kink fashion. Her demeanor can be seen as somewhat child-like, but upon closer inspection, it is clear that she has a sharp mind and a fierce, headstrong personality. Her movements are smooth and playful, and alarmingly precise when need be.


Switchblade’s ship, The Carnival, serves as her establishment as well as her home. It is filled with carnival games, circus animals, freak shows, and even a small roller coaster. The atmosphere is one of lights and the bustle of people. In addition, no one is allowed weapons on The Carnival with the exception of Switch and her crew, so the visitors of the ship can rest at ease under the staff’s protection.

Since her arrival on Megaton, Switch has encountered some major struggles that have tried her sense of self dramatically. Desperate and unsure, Switch turned to her mother amidst the chaos of the Garden Ship attack, and murdered the ship’s leader in a haze of (mostly) misplaced hatred. On Everett, she encountered Max, who in her eyes represented a threat to Hiccup. However, she was unwilling to leave Max on the planet, and so took her onboard. Switch’s “no weapons” policy for non-carnies has put the two at odds, and this tension appears to be escalating as both push harder to have their way.

The maelstrom and its inhabitants have by far been the most chaotic elements of Switchblade’s recent experiences. Her mother, or her ghostly reflection, has been whispering dark things into Switch’s ears. After Manfred’s death, Switch has began to seek consultation of his mask, another voice from beyond the void. Finally, after encountering the beast with two heads, the presence of the maelstrom in Switch’s life appears to be unavoidable.

After killing the beast with two heads, Switchblade wished to start anew, taking the protection of her family as the forefront of her concerns. Unfortunately, this protectiveness backfired, and in an altercation with Bluejay’s men, nearly all of the Carnival family was killed. Overwhelmed with guilt, Switchblade fled the ship, seeking out Bug, the man who had ordered the attack. Although her sister Hiccup tried to save her, Switch pushed on in a fit of guilt and rage, and in the struggle, was killed.


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